Safe Public Environment

Simulation solutions to mitigate risks of airborne contamination

Water droplets is one of the primary transmission vectors of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that leads to COVID-19. Increasingly, scientific communities claim that the virus can spread through airborne particles. While coughing or sneezing projects large numbers of respiratory droplets, talking and breathing also releases them. These droplets are potentially transported through the air, carried by the surrounding airflow, and can be inhalated by others. They can also deposit on surfaces that other people touch, leading to further infection. Besides, individuals can be contagious for several days before symptoms manifest, and people with mild or asymptomatic cases may not realize they are infected at all.

In those conditions

  • Hospitals have to ensure that vulnerable patients and staff are not put at risk;
  • Universities, administrative buildings and office spaces have to re-open safely;
  • Cultural and touristic venues, undergoing a critical economic slump, have now to take into account this new risk to welcome back the public (concert and exhibition halls, museums, hotels, shopping malls, indoor stadiums…);
  • Transportation sector also goes through an economic slowdown. Restarting the economy will require ramping up domestic and international transport infrastructure (air & train), while securing the confidence of the passengers.


Safe Public Environment solution powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, provides simulation capabilities, enabling the analysis of contamination risks and a science-based support to design palliative measures.

Safe Public Environment
leverages cloud computing to enable fast simulation of complex environments without the need for on-site hardware, minimizing the disruption of home-working and allowing rapid scaling-up for new ideas. The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows users to collaborate without being physically present, and to quickly assemble design data into simulation-ready projects. Images and videos produced are key to explain propagation to the public and reassure customers, passengers, staff and investors.

Safe Public Environment

Creating safer life environment

Benefits of Safe Public Environment

Ensuring Employee Safety with Simulation
  • Quick 3Dvirtual Twin modelization of existing or to-be-built facility
  • Intelligible information Visualization and Understanding of the turbulent airflow schemes,  article motion and tracking, as well as surface deposition in complex environments within the virtual twin of the facility
  • Quick identification, evaluation and validation of mitigation actions
  • Multiple scenarios simulations to evaluate the impact of each mitigation action and decide
  • Educate and reassure customers
  • Clear, easy-to-understand images or videos rendering to support communication with Staff, Authorities and public

Safe Public Environment

Helps the public authorities and private organizations to deploy specific measures and changes to everyday environments to control the transmission of the disease as economic activity and daily life resumes.

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