Public Agencies

Innovate to deploy public interest initiatives more efficiently


Deploy, monitor and communicate complex projects

Public agencies are essential assets of the public policies deployment. Engaged to fulfill specific needs and face a wide range situations, they are responding to crisis situations, accompanying new public policies emergence, coordinating decentralized policies, modernizing administration etc.

In all of these contexts, efficient project implementation, management and monitoring, fine follow up on funding allocation per public policy as well as consistency between objectives assigned and KPIs are critical. This contributes, in addition of operations excellence, to maintain the expected level of transparency for citizens, to gain stakeholders commitment and to comply with the highest standards of quality.


Collaborate with large ecosystems

In their mission of national public policies implementation, public agencies hold a strategic position at the intersection of a wide range of ecosystems: national government, local governments, cities, territories, operators, public and private stakeholders, education and research as well as citizens. Furthermore, they are internally orchestrating multiple competencies, skills and profiles, making their organizations rich but complex.

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