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National Governments and Public Agencies

Transform and strengthen executive power ability to conduct the national policies


Set up and deploy powerful national development strategies 

Today more than ever, national governments are deeply engaged into building and deploying strategies that will support the country economic, social and sustainable development as well as their positioning on the world chessboard.  
To be successful, their best allies are accelerated collaborative innovation, simulation extended capabilities to anticipate “what if” scenarios, agile organizations, new models implementations and science-based communications.


Define and implement efficient public policies

Public opinion is expecting from the public deciders’ transparency and efficiency in decision-making, public policies implementation and public funding usage. 

Public authorities will make the difference by their ability to coordinate public policies implementation and public funding, to evaluate their impacts, to monitor the public opinion, communicate clearly and adjust decision making real-time. In this context, extended collaboration capacities to engage with large and complex ecosystems are also a pre-requisite to address each topic with a 360° view and achieve the highest standards of quality. 



Ensure national sovereignty on data, critical goods and assets

In normal times or during crisis, sovereignty is a central element to deal with for national governments. It can be related to many different domains (data, critical goods and assets etc. ) and guarantees the national security, competitiveness, intelligence and competitive advantages. 

A new paradigm for security requirements occurs when it comes to data and digital transformation of public organizations. The highest security, confidentiality and digital sovereignty standards needs to be reached, especially when using Cloud solutions: data location, independent security mechanisms, secured communication channels, services providers certified with the highest national and international standards. 



Anticipate, plan and manage unexpected situations

In order to be ready for unexpected situations, anticipation in normal times is key. Using science-based simulation in a virtual environment, governments can imagine and run “what if” scenarios enabling them to evaluate possible disrupting events, anticipate the best answers in the virtual world, and bring it into the real world if a crisis occurs. Connecting cross-disciplinary experts, building “virtual twins” reflecting the possible options and testing the impact of different answers, are of great help to develop these answers.

The agility of the public organizations and departments is also key when facing a crisis. Being able to switch smoothly to a crisis mode, leveraging the full power of a fully secured digital platform to connect the stakeholders, discuss and decide around a common referential, monitor the evolution of KPIs and communicate internally or externally with intelligible and trustworthy support materials is key to succeed. 

Finally, the capacity to manage the crisis in real time, planning and priorizing the operations, the deployment and the logistics will be the third pillar of an efficient answer. 

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