International Institutions

Ensure powerful global collaboration and progress on world challenges


Collaborate and coordinate international stakeholders’ concertation

International Institutions are at the forefront of worldwide challenges, and of the global cooperation imperative to be able to identify the strategic topics to be covered by their members, define, priorize and plan the tactics and roadmaps to address them. Extended collaboration and social capacities are needed to create a strong dynamic and keep the momentum within a wide range of stakeholders. 

Social collaboration tools, browsing internal and external sources of data, allowing participants to contribute in a formal or informal way to the innovation process and allowing moderators to structure and build ideation funnels to produce consistent deliverables are supporting the level of excellence targeted by international institutions for their operations and work processes. 


Lead and monitor strategic initiatives deployment 

At the initiatives deployment’s step, international organizations are at the heart of the implementation leadership team. Here again, a robust project management system is needed, leveraging the data from the previous steps, performing regular and reliable progress vs KPIs checking, external trends and opinions monitoring as well as impact's follow up.

A digital platform approach allows performing at multi-scale and international levels, in crisis mode or in normal times.

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