Human Needs

Innovate to fulfill populations’ basic needs

Face New Challenges

The forecasts all converge on a global human population increase up to 9 Billions by 2050.  Faced with this growth, the question arises of the changing needs of populations.

  • First, it is about food needs: This obligation requires more yields but also more agricultural land. It puts dramatic pressure on the environment.
  • Energy needs are also increasing: the imperative of industrial development forces emerging countries to overexploit resources or invest in producing countries to meet demand.
  • The same is true for water: it is becoming a major issue, a source of rivalry and tension between states

Developed countries present specific needs: In terms of the food situation, new problems arise: overeating increases the number of cardiovascular diseases or obesity. The needs then take on a quality requirement, such as better food for example or access to services specific to the aging of the population. 

By meeting the basic needs of the population, by anticipating trends, developments and population movements, and by strengthening their sovereignty on local natural resources or critical goods, governments ensure stability and security in the country and can focus on sustainable development in all other levels. 

Adopt the Strategy

Multiple levers can help improve efficiency and transform approaches to managing basic needs:

  • Acceleration of Innovation processes
  • Improving collaboration between "cross-domain" experts
  • Decision making based on up-to-date 360 ° data
  • The development of agility of value and supply chains
  • The simulation and anticipation of any scenario via a digital twin making it possible to select upstream or directly the best solution to provide

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