Future of Education

Ensure education continuity and students engagement in any circumstances

Face New Challenges

Building a society providing quality of education, equity, and gender equality is a tough challenge.

Over 200 Million children will be out of school in 2030(1).

Policy Makers all around the world are concerned about the development of their nations. This objective is highly interconnected with the Education system: when a country has a sufficient economic development education, infrastructures and educative resources are available, while kids are allowed to go to schools instead of working to help their families.

However, in order to achieve this critical level of development, countries need a generation of leaders able to impulse a strong economic and industrial development dynamic including environmental recovery into their strategies.

Even in developed countries, when a crisis erupts like the current pandemic, we immediately see a major disruption of all the educative system and a strong increase of inequalities: the United Nations assumes that in 2020, school closures kept 90% of all students out of school, and remote learning remains out of reach for at least 500 million students(2).

In addition, of a massive effort to fill the gap of physical infrastructure and access to telecommunications, many countries are focusing in redesigning higher education to ensure current and future leaders will be empowered with the relevant skills and competencies to lead the economies and drive public and private sectors research agenda…Whatever the circumstances.

Adopt the Strategy

Education continuity and students engagement in times of crisis are then two critical objectives.

The key challenge is to channel higher education support in ways that ensure near-term educational continuity to support economic recovery, restore the functioning of workforce development pipelines and robust employment, while improving national innovation and competitiveness.

Virtual learning tools in the context of a crisis :

  • Ensure continuity of learning under budget constraints and “keep the doors open” virtually
  • Accelerate teacher readiness to develop lessons and teach online
  • Make employment-relevant and attractive online content available to every student
  • Ensure continuity of practical labs, projects, internships and exams.

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