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Educate to Thrive

Experience based learning to ensure education continuity and student engagement

Around the globe, top elected leaders, education ministries and agencies, research institutions and partner companies know that a resilient stronger education system produces highly-qualified technical and scientific graduates prepared to maintain and develop the competitiveness of manufacturing, infrastructure, energy and health industries.

This is particularly important for engineering and related technical fields of study.

When a crisis erupts, governments rush to contain initial damage and then implement a comprehensive plan to respond, recover and rebuild. As shown with COVID-19, sudden campus closures provoked immediate rush towards online learning alternatives to ensure minimum operational continuity during a critical moment. But unfamiliar tools and the degradation of the learning experience often resulted in frustration among students, faculty and campus leaders. The sudden and massive adoption of alternative online learning provided feedback on existing tools and requests for significant virtual classroom improvements.

Educate to Thrive provides a comprehensive, cloud-based learning-platform, 3DEXPERIENCE Edu, that offers students and faculty constant access to a digital learning environment, built for tomorrow’s makers and innovators learning real engineering disciplines in specially-designed virtual classrooms. Experience based learning that anticipates job practices in cutting-edge engineering, manufacturing and business, through realistic virtual labs, collaborative innovation projects and motivating internships, secures a strong alignment between industries’ needs and workers’ soft and hard career skills.

Educate to Thrive is not only supporting public stakeholders into ensuring continuity of learning under budget constraints and “keep the doors open” virtually; it also accelerates teacher readiness to develop lessons and teach online, allows them to deliver employment-relevant and attractive online content to every student and ensures continuity of practical labs, projects, internships and exams.

Educate to Thrive

for education continuity under any circumstances

Benefits of Educate to Thrive

For governments:

  • Quickly deploy educational hybridization policy.
  • Accelerate national capabilities to embrace the Industry Renaissance.
  • Maintain & improve Education System attractiveness.

For academic institutions & teachers:

  • Sustain value of learning experience.
  • Teaching and learning continuity on-campus and online.
  • New ways to collaborate, learn and teach engineering disciplines.
  • Keep the students motivated.
  • Grow the right skills for Industry Renaissance.

For students:

  • New ways to learn in virtual classroom focused on engineering.
  • Experience activities to develop the right skills to build a new sustainable world.
  • Collaborate & innovate with peers.
  • Learn when & where you want.
  • Have fun.

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