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Protect populations and environment with innovative and performant means


Coordinating field information, analyze and decide 

Field Information flows management, analyses and performant decision-making are essential drivers for non-governmental associations. How can they power up these capabilities and perform the finest analysis, on a common referential in a crisis context? Mastering these steps through virtual twin based cockpits enable to:

  • Create a shared and trustable multi-source data referential.
  • Improve common understanding of the situation.
  • Allow a focus on specific assets management.
  • Make informed decisions and implement them.


Lead and deploy initiatives

Due to the complexity and instability of the environments they are operating through, Non-Governmental associations need the highest flexibility level into their operations, allowing to perform re-adjustments of scenarios, measure the impact of their implemented tactics and to check performance indicators in real time. A digital strategy supporting their missions’ deployment increases their processes intelligence, and helps them doing “first time right”, securing project realization on time, implementing logistics solutions for critical assets and goods management, leveraging knowledge-sharing and collaboration capacities from end-to-end and communication clearly to populations and stakeholders.

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