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Connected Resilient Economy

Managing critical goods supply chain

One of the most visible non-sanitary impacts of the COVID19 crisis has been the huge disruption in the supply chain of goods, which became critical to fight the pandemic.

This shortage of critical goods has raised the question about the level of preparedness of national and local governments and their ability to quickly adapt procurement strategies in the context of disrupted supply chains.
Across the globe, countries are raising the same critical questions:

  • What is our ability to early-detect the supply shortage risks?
  • What level of reserves of critical goods should we secure?
  • Which products are likely to be considered as “critical goods” in the event of other types of crises such as a hurricane, flooding, cyber-attack on power grids and fuel depots, continued mass protests or engulfing bush fires?
  • What is our capacity to rapidly ramp-up the local production of these critical goods?

Connected Resilient Economy provides a digital planning, manufacturing and supply chain solution to define, plan, simulate and execute global supply chain processes in a virtual environment. It covers the entire scope and scale of Global Operations, helping governments to re-imagine their planning, management and optimization of all industrial and other public services operations, up to last-mile delivery.

Connected Resilient Economy also allows governments to aggregate data in one place automatically, engage the right experts, simulate complex scenarios, analyze and validate options, and communicate quickly and clearly with all stakeholders.

Connected Resilient Economy

Connected Resilient economy brings to the public sector, the scientific methods, digital tools and processes to anticipate and manage potential supply crises and be prepared for the next disruptive events.

Benefits of Connected Resilient Economy

  • Effective multi-stakeholder collaboration across many disciplines in a safe, secure and dynamic environment to make fast and science based decisions
  • Full supply chain simulation, genealogy and management capability including embedded circular economy action plans
  • Rapid and agile platform deployment in a sovereign environment varying from international to local supply chain management, from crisis management to long-term policies implementation
  • Ability to engage and communicate real-time with all stakeholders involved in crisis management
  • Utilizing the state of the art digital secured cloud technology with ability to deploy in sovereign territory, with necessary cyber security certification, covering the supply network from defining critical parameters, risk management, design of optimized supply chain, resource management for agility and excellence in operations
  • Applying a secured 3 layer authentication protocol, allowing easy management of access rights according to the people in charge

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