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Cockpit for Governments

Virtual Twin for efficient public policies

Generally, governments often lack critical real-time information. It is sometimes a challenge to access the full picture necessary for decision-making because information is siloed across different ministries, organizations and departments. Without this holistic view, analysis is hampered and decisions delayed in situations where every hour counts.

Cockpit for Governments delivers a powerful support to build a holistic view of complex situations happening on their territory both during crisis and in “normal” times. We believe that a science-based approach to decision-making can help provide this view, enabling them to decide and implement public policies. Governments can therefore switch quickly and smoothly to a crisis mode whenever needed.

Cockpit for Governments powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform also opens up capacities to deploy an efficient concertation with all stakeholders, including the private sector and research institutes, around a common view of the situation so they could help governments make key decisions in any circumstances.

Cockpit for Governments

Cockpit for Governments’ experiences helps the national or local governments understand the situation, decide and collaborate in both normal times and crisis.

Benefits of Cockpit for Governments

  • Improve the efficiency in implementing public policies.
  • Breakdown the organizational and data silos.
  • Improve the collaboration between public authorities and public/private partners.
  • Increase internal (civil servants) and external (citizens) trust.
  • Increase the agility and resilience of the organization.
  • Ensure confidentiality and security of the data and process.
  • Capitalize on existing tools and expand the digital transformation of the organization.

Anticipating the city of tomorrow

Municipalities and regions must address people’s desire for a better life in cities that are more resilient, digital and attractive.

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