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Clinical Development to Protect

Accelerate clinical development to better protect population

The future of global public health is dependent on the scientific and medical communities’ ability to develop readily available, accurate, and rapid virus and antibody tests and to discover highly effective vaccines to further prevent spread of emerging or existing virus as well as mitigate the likelihood that it will reappear.

The fundamental challenge facing organizations who focus on the innovation of treatments for novel diseases is how to optimize their medical research efficiency and effectiveness.

Governments, health ministries, healthcare and medical agencies, research institutions and partner companies around the world are understanding that in order to meet these challenges they must excel in scientific leadership and transform the processes throughout their highly-networked ecosystem.

Clinical Development to Protect, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform of Dassault Systèmes, provides sophisticated scientific solutions to allow government agencies and public research institutions to manage their innovation life cycle. We provide these institutions & their researchers with a scientific and business platform to imagine sustainable innovations, capable of improving patient & physician experiences in the age of precision medicine.

Clinical Development to Protect based on Dassault Systèmes’ Medidata solutions, can be immediately leveraged by our biopharmaceutical and Contract Research Organization (CRO) clients to both better understand the impact of the pandemic on their trials and to mitigate the challenges of patients unable to visit sites for their drugs and protocol-directed clinical and patient-reported data capture.

Clinical Development to Protect

Leverage the global digital continuum to accelerate innovation, improve collaboration and enhance discovery.

Benefits of Clinical Development to Protect

For organizations:

  • Increased safety for study patients and site and sponsor personnel. 
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in trial conduct using a risk-based quality management approach. 
  • Enhanced quality through  AI-assisted statistical analysis of data. 

For citizens:

  • Faster delivery of innovative vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.
  • Public updates on each step of key operations and scientific milestones.
  • Linking of scientific achievements to treatment and distribution models.
  • Connect patient care directly to basic research discoveries.

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