Technical Communication

Would your business benefit from shortened product delivery times by creating technical documentation directly from 3D CAD data?

SOLIDWORKS Composer offers tools for fast creation of graphical content to clearly and accurately describe your products. It enables non-CAD users to quickly repurpose 3D CAD data to develop stunning, 2D and 3D content.

Easily Create Technical Documentation

Clearly present and explain your product or process by easily creating and delivering 2D and 3D graphical content from your existing 3D CAD data.

Your company and your customers rely on your technical product communication for detailed information about your product—how it works, how to assemble it, how to use it, and how to service it. SOLIDWORKS Composer enables companies to:

  • Create technical communication that reflects the high quality of your products
  • Eliminate waiting for physical product or prototype before starting technical communication
  • Keep manuals and brochures up-to-date
  • Eliminate recreating the same images for different materials

Users who can benefit from this experience include:

  • Technical documentation
  • Marketing communication
  • Web content developers