Obtaining a Converged Solution with Abaqus

Providing understanding of how nonlinear problems are solved in Abaqus and to develop Abaqus models that will converge

Wound Composite Modeler for Abaqus

Course Objective

Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels (COPVs) are increasingly being used in industry applications where their reduced weight over metallic vessel alternatives are an advantage for high pressure fluid storage. Simulating COPV performance with finite element analysis is a challenge because of the complex material structures and time consuming model setup requirements. This seminar provides an introduction to COPV modeling using the Wound Composite Modeler for Abaqus (WCM).

Who should attend

This course is recommended for Simulation Analysts.

Course Overview

The overview provides details of the topics covered in each lecture. Please note that the actual course agenda may vary depending on location.

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Schedule and Registration

North America

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