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Introduction to Scripting and Output Automation with Abaqus


Abaqus makes extensive use of Python; a powerful, object-oriented scripting language that is used widely by organizations throughout the world. Python has been embedded within the Abaqus software products. The language has been extended to include a rich set of commands that are well suited for the daily tasks of a finite element analyst.

Course Objective

This seminar will cover some basic topics related to scripting with Abaqus, and will focus on output processing. These include automating the creation of field and history plots, and storing them to output files such as Power Point.
The class provides numerous hands-on exercises for the student to learn to automate tasks that are common to most analysts.

After attending this training course, students will be able to:

  • Write simple scripts to automate pre- and postprocessing tasks and improve productivity
  • Read and write data from/to the .cae and .odb files
  • Outputting simulation results to PowerPoint files
  • Build simple GUI plug-ins using the Really Simple GUI (RSG) framework
  • Troubleshoot and debug scripts

Who should attend

We believe every Abaqus user should be familiar with Python scripting. Productivity gains can be realized at many levels; from simple scripts that automate tedious tasks to large applications with custom user interfaces. This course is recommended for all Abaqus users who wish to improve their productivity using scripting.

Recommended Prerequisites

In order for the training to be effective, all students should have some basic familiarity with the Abaqus products including Abaqus/Viewer and Abaqus/Standard or Abaqus/Explicit. Familiarity with Abaqus/CAE is very helpful. Students should also have some experience using at least one computer programming language, text editing, and should be proficient with basic operating system tasks such as file copying/deleting, creating/modifying environment variables, etc.

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