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CST Studio Suite - Vector Network Analyzer Training

Course Objective

The course will focus on a practical application of VNA calibration techniques for on-board and coaxial line measurement of S-parameters. The training course consists of 2 full days including theoretical and hands-on parts. The measured data will be consequently used in CST Studio Suite for extraction of substrate complex permittivity and evaluation of hybrid model of SMD component. The challenges of the proper comparison between the simulation and measurement results will be discussed in the end. 

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • be able to obtain good quality experimental data suitable for subsequent postprocessing in CST Studio Suite
  • Understand basic sources of discrepancy between simulation and measurement
  • Understand various calibration techniques for VNA
  • be able to apply the extraction techniques for material properties and hybrid SMD models

Who should attend and prerequisites

Recommended for EM experts who are working in design and verification processes; EM experts who are dealing with precise VNA measurements; EM experts who are working with experimental data.
Before undertaking the course, it is a mandatory prerequisite that you complete both the Introduction to CST Studio Suite training course (or any CST training class from 2018 or earlier) and either the CST Studio Suite - Microwave and Antenna training course or the CST Studio Suite - EMC/EMI training course.

Schedule and Registration

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