CST Studio Suite - Photonics and Plasmonics

Providing understanding of high frequency solvers for photonic and plasmonic applications

Course Objective


Throughout this course you will become familiar with the high frequency solvers for photonic and plasmonic applications. This class will discuss topics like advanced material models, optical sources, waveguide ports, performance tuning and meshing, HPC options, and post-processing. The hands-on workshops in this training cover diffraction gratings, a photonic crystal micro-cavity including photonics/thermal/mechanical solver coupling, and modeling of integrated photonic circuit components. 

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Understand materials, sources, and boundary conditions for photonics and plasmonics
  • Be able to identify the best solver for a given project and set up an appropriate mesh
  • Be able to run simulations and extract relevant results from post-processing

Who should attend and prerequisites

Recommended for Photonics Simulation Analysts..Before undertaking the course, it is a mandatory prerequisite that you complete the Introduction to CST Studio Suite training course or any CST training class from 2018 or earlier.

Schedule and Registration

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