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CST Studio Suite - Advanced training on integral equation and asymptotic solvers

Course Objective

This course is aimed for presenting the capabilities of the MoM-based and asymptotic solver. After a brief overview on the numerical methods implemented in CST some practical application and test case will be shown. It will be an opportunity for learning how to tune the solver's parameters based on different application for optimizing the simulation performance in terms of computational speed and memory allocation. Such kind of solver are particularly suitable for the EM simulation of large and complex platforms and application like installed antennas, RADAR signature prediction, stand alone antennas, simple scenario simulation.

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Learn the most important principle behind the asymptotic and integral equation solver
  • understand "how to use" the solver's parameters for optimizing the simulation performance and increase the result's accuracy
  • have an overview of the typical applications wherein the A and I solver can be particularly effective  
  • be able to autonomously run your test case following the rule of thumbs learned  

Who should attend and Prerequisites

Recommended for Electromagnetic Simulation Analysts who also need to deal with EM large and complex problems.
Before undertaking this course, it is recommended that you complete Introduction to CST Studio Suite training course.

Schedule and Registration

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