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Contact and Convergence with Abaqus

Course Objective

Obtaining converged solutions for highly nonlinear simulations can sometimes be challenging. Difficulties can arise, especially in simulations involving contact, complicated material models and geometrically unstable behavior. Many years of practical experience in understanding and resolving convergence issues have been condensed into this course.

Understanding the interaction between bodies is essential for solving many engineering problems. Manufacturing processes, gears, bearings, seals and dynamic impact events all involve contact. Engineers at Abaqus have developed many techniques and guidelines for solving challenging contact problems. 
Using both workshops and practical examples in the lectures, you will learn:

General topics on Convergence:

  • How nonlinear problems are solved in Abaqus
  • How to develop Abaqus models that will converge
  • How to identify modeling errors that cause models to experience convergence difficulties
  • How to recognize when a problem is too difficult or too ill-posed to be solved effectively

Topics specifically related to Contact:

  • Define general contact and contact pairs
  • Define appropriate surfaces (rigid or deformable)
  • Model frictional contact
  • Model large sliding between deformable bodies
  • Analyze dynamic impact problems
  • Resolve overclosures in interference fit problems
  • Avoid overconstraining the model
  • Avoid rigid body motions and unstable motions
  • Use pre-tension sections to simulate assembly loads

Participants are given a brief overview of the contact formulation and contact logic used in Abaqus/Standard. The hands-on workshops provide ample opportunity to use the concepts developed in the lectures and to learn how to postprocess the results of a contact analysis.

Who should attend

This course is recommended for engineers with experience using Abaqus/Standard.

Course Overview

The overview provides details of the topics covered in each lecture. Please note that the actual course agenda may vary depending on location.

This course combines the essentials of two related advanced Abaqus courses in a three-day format:

Obtaining a Converged Solution with Abaqus

Modeling Contact with Abaqus/Standard

Schedule and Registration

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