Realistic Simulation for Composite Materials

State-of-the-art capabilities for composites fracture and failure

Composite materials are increasingly utilized by many industries due to their beneficial properties and the ability to tailor their response as needed. Certification of such structures requires component and sometimes full-vehicle testing, which is expensive and time-consuming and usually occurs too late in the design cycle to have any meaningful impact on the design itself. Until recently, analysis capabilities have not been sufficiently advanced to allow simulation to be used to influence design earlier in the development cycle.

Using the appropriate advanced simulation tools can improve the design, increase the value of testing and significantly reduce the amount and scale of physical testing which is currently required. The Abaqus FEA product suite utilizes not only static, but also dynamic load case simulation such as impact, collision, BVID and bird strike. SIMULIA's product platform can evolve your composites simulation methodology to deliver more accurate results to meet regulatory and competitive demands.

Solution Capabilities

  • State-of-the-art capabilities for composites fracture and failure
  • Advanced material models including laminate damage
  • Modern element technology to simulate composites
  • State-of-the-art ply definition, management and application during model generation p
  • Speed decision making on composite modeling results through-thickness
  • Bi-directional associativity with CATIA PLM products through geometry interchange