Realistic Simulation for Aerostructure Design

SIMULIA’s aerostructures solution has linear and nonlinear capabilities in one software package

Aerospace structures need to survive in some of the harshest environments imaginable. Variations from extreme heat to extreme cold, debris impact from birds and hail, structural fatigue due to extreme loading cycles and many other factors all need to be considered in aerostructure design. In addition, the joining of many parts of various materials, such as composites to metals, requires a great deal of care and attention. The behavior of complex fasteners used in aerostructure design including welds, rivets, z-pins and many others make analysis of these structures even more challenging.

SIMULIA provides realistic simulation solutions that stand up to many engineering challenges. Our products can be used to perform detailed analysis of all aspects of  designs. Linear capabilities for natural frequency prediction, forced response analysis and coupling to aeroelastic analysis software provide complete coverage of modal dynamic prediction requirements. Nonlinear geometric effects, such as wing deflection under extreme load, contact between parts and panel buckling can be considered in SIMULIA’s aerostructures solution. In addition, dynamic events such as bird strike, hail strike and tire debris impact can be simulated from within a single software environment.

Solution Capabilities

  • Simulate rivets and other connections with mesh independent fasteners
  • Complete composite material modeling including pre and postprocessing
  • Damage and failure prediction for composite materials 
  • Linear and nonlinear capabilities in one software package
  • Buckling and post-buckling prediction for metals and composites
  • Reduce computational time and improve design turnaround with best-in-class scaling of multiple CPU analysis