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Solving Nonlinear Problems with Abaqus

Course Objective

This 3-day intermediate-level course is the natural continuation of “Introduction to Abaqus”. Lectures start with the basics (what is a nonlinear analysis?) and focus primarily on techniques and practical skills.

This seminar teaches users:

  • Linear and nonlinear problems
    - Sources of nonlinearities
    - Introduction to the Newton-Raphson method

  • Typical convergence issues and how to diagnose them
    - Unstable material behavior
    - Selecting the appropriate element

  • Contact
    - Overview of contact formulations and logic
    - How to improve convergence
    - Modeling tips

  • Dynamic procedures
    - Differences between A/Explicit and A/Standard
    - Quasi-static solutions using A/Explicit
    - Importing and transferring results

The course workshops are an integral part of the training. They are designed to reinforce the concepts presented during the lectures and to provide users with the experience of running and trouble-shooting actual Abaqus analyses.


Introduction to Abaqus

Who should attend

This course is the next step for Abaqus users who have attended "Introduction to Abaqus", and wish to account for sources of nonlinearity in their FEA models.

Schedule and Registration

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