Nanophotonics and Integrated Optics: Photonic Crystal Cavities

Make an informed choice of cavity

There is an increasing amount of attention on the field of integrated photonic structures in general and on silicon photonics in particular. A vast number of present and potential future applications have already been proposed. Some examples are nanolasers, compact optical interconnects and sensors. Since photonic crystal slabs are compatible with standard CMOS processing techniques, they are very interesting candidates for implementing electric and photonic functionality on the same chip. 

Photonic crystal cavities find applications in electro-optic modulation, all optical switches, optical storing, adiabatic frequency conversion and nonlinear applications.

With this whitepaper, learn about:

  • How to form optical cavities by means of photonic crystal lattice defects
  • Two dimensional periodic structures with finite extension into the third dimension
  • How to decide which type of photonic crystal cavities will be most suited for the application in view