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Granta Helps Prepare, Manage and Use Materials Data for CAE


Materials information management is vitally important throughout the simulation lifecycle, and plays a crucial role in successful, fast and accurate computer aided engineering (CAE). Granta Design has developed software tools to enhance the capture, management and use of materials data for CAE, helping you get the most from investments in simulation.

GRANTA MI™ is the leading system for materials information management in engineering enterprises, enabling you to capture, control, analyze, and securely share data on materials and processes with the engineers (including simulation analysts) who need it. GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway™ provides direct access to proprietary data stored in GRANTA MI, complemented by access to a comprehensive library of materials reference information.

Through the MI:Materials Gateway window within Abaqus/ CAE®, developed in collaboration with SIMULIA, you can search and browse available materials, view datasheets, and choose and import models directly to your CAE environment with full traceability information and without risk of error due to data transfer.

Granta collaborates with customers to continually improve MI:Materials Gateway. Version 4 incorporates performance and user experience enhancements, making it faster and easier to find materials and import CAE data. Users benefit from additional workflow options that make importing CAE data more flexible and powerful. An example is improved handling of parameterized functional data, whereby users can specify parameter values (e.g., temperature) at which data should be provided. The preview mode allows a material model to be viewed before import, with the possibility of editing properties, filling missing data, and adding comments. Once imported, users can be notified by email of subsequent changes to the material record in the GRANTA MI database, and consider whether to update their simulations.

GRANTA MI:Data Analysis Apps™ help prepare materials data for input to simulation. Users can analyze data in their company’s GRANTA MI system—for example, to derive simulation data from test results, and model-fitting. Apps can be written in collaboration with Granta or by your MATLAB® or Python™ programmers using the MI:Scripting Toolkit. Thus you can make best use of company data and ensure calculations are accurate, consistent, and repeatable.

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