Simulation Specialist

Simulation Specialist can leverage ExSight, the expert-level product family for advanced nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) and multiphysics simulation on the V6 platform. ExSight leverages Abaqus FEA technology and provides advanced capabilities for modeling, meshing, simulation and visualization of results for analysis experts.


Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM) enables Simulation Specialists to manage simulation data, capture and deploy company best practices, distribute simulations across computing resources, and share the simulation results to improve collaborative decision making.

SIMULIA Live Simulation Review

LSM enables collaborators to quickly access simulation data and instantiate simulation templates to make collaborative design decisions.

Live Simulation Review, available as a controlled availability release, is an extension of 3DLive’s capabilities for 3D search and navigation with simulation focused functionality such as the ability to identify and navigate to all simulations performed on a given part or assembly. It empowers collaborators to access simulation data, instantiate simulation templates, execute simulations, and review simulation results for collaborative decision making during the product development process.

  • Explore product performance during all phases of the design process
  • Democratizes simulation by delivering sophisticated and intuitive simulation results to non-experts
  • Concurrent, synchronized analysis and design
  • Live support for product performance review meetings
  • 3D visual representations of simulation data for all stakeholders extends the reach of simulation throughout the enterprise
  • Simulation templates can be populated, instantiated, executed and monitored, enabling a wide set of users to perform simulations according to company-specific best practices
  • Simulations can be directly executed without accessing the authoring application used to create them
  • Simulation-specific compass capabilities
  • In context information on simulations performed on product/part designs
  • 3D search and navigation following the 3DLive paradigm
  • Provided at no extra cost to Scenario Definition licensees