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Sales & Operations Planning


S&OP is a forward-looking decision-making process, which aims to balance demand and supply in the supply chain on an 18-month horizon. Companies with more mature S&OP processes also integrate financial planning with operational planning and link high-level strategic plans to their day-to-day operations. Cross-functional in nature, this business process brings together Sales, Finance, Production, Marketing and other key departments, and is typically carried out on a monthly cadence. The maturity of the S&OP process may differ per industry and company. Quintiq S&OP supports all maturity levels.

Key Benefits

  • Return on investment of a fully optimized sales and operations planning process is well proven.
  • Higher sales
  • Lower inventory
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased bottom lines by the millions (about 3 percent on average) in as little as six months.