Discover GEOVIA Centers of Excellence

GEOVIA Centers of Excellence (CoEs) provide the tools and services to help maximize mining productivity and achieve operational excellence. Located to support the three regions of Asia-Pacific, including Australia, the Americas and EMEAR (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia), the CoEs are designed to deploy specialized technical resources who provide mining customers with the support needed to get the most out of their GEOVIA software investment.

Our three CoEs host a centralized and credible team of technical mining experts who are constantly exposed to a wide variety of techniques and best practices. By leveraging their experience, we are able to provide a productivity assessment to identify gaps and propose opportunities for productivity improvement across the key functional areas of the mining value chain.


Our CoE team can provide:

  • Health checks to ensure you are maximizing your investment in GEOVIA technology.
  • Support mining studies that deliver cost-effective plans for your green and brownfield expansions.
  • Advice on collaboration and implementation of Strategic Mining Planning and Economic Modeling tools to enable your executives to make better strategic and operational decisions.
  • An introduction to our world-class Mining Process Framework to model and implement your desired state at any point across your mining value chain.
  • Assistance in establishing data workflows to merge real-time data from disparate sources to improve visibility across your business.
  • Customized and Classroom Training across the globe to help you get the more out of your software and gain necessary skills.


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