Resource Management

Harness The Natural Environment Through Production Management and Continuous Optimization

GEOVIA Resource Management provides solutions to manage and optimize the planning and operations of an urban or natural resource, from the smallest details of urban environments (cities) to the vast expanse of a remote mine site.

In a City, Resource Management provides a vibrant rendition of how urban growth and planning scenarios can affect the life of its citizens to optimize urban planning and simulate a wide diversity of physical phenomena in their geospatial context.

In a Mine, Resource Management provide solutions to bridge the planning, scheduling and operations functions, enabling cross-functional collaboration and continuous improvement: a Plan, Do, Check, Act framework underpinned by centralized data and a collaborative platform.

Resource Management users are able to:

- Leverage the tools to build, manage, share and explore the virtual twin of an urban environment, for improved planning, communications and decision making.

- Produce Tactical Plans in Mining that are compliant with Strategic Objectives through an integrated approach, from Design to Scheduling and onwards through Production.


Resource Management Might Interest:


 VP Technical Services

VP Operations

 General Managers

Mine Managers

 Operations Managers

Technical Services Managers

 Chief Mining Engineers

Planning Engineers

 Plant Managers

Mine Schedulers

 Surface Business Optimizers

Surface Economics Planners

 Surface Strategic Schedulers

Production Geologists                  

 Strategic Planning Engineers             

O&G Asset Managers

 Civil Engineers

Radio Network Planners

 Municipal Agency Managers



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