Earth Modeling

Discover and Model the Surface and Sub-surface Geological Environment

GEOVIA provides you with the geology modeling capabilities needed to quantify and then plan the extraction of mineral deposits. Our applications integrate: ore body or seam modeling; geostatistical analysis; resource modeling, estimation and Block Model generation; survey; and other critical functions.

With GEOVIA, mine site productivity can be increased through the automation of workflows for processes such as grade control. Automation eliminates repetitive tasks, helps to reduce errors, and is underpinned by visual validation of designs to further improve productivity.

Using GEOVIA, data can be centralized and secured, making it accessible whenever it is required. In addition to enabling effective collaboration, you benefit from robust audit trails, giving you increased confidence in creating reports for JORC, Valmin, SAMREC, and NI 43-101 and other requirements.

Key Benefits:

- Tools that help you achieve better ore body or seam modeling accuracy.

- Increased confidence in Resource estimation and Reserves calculations.

- Improved mine site and user productivity.

- Common interface promotes faster user adoption.


Earth Modeling Might Interest:

VP Technical Services

  VP Operations

Chief Geologists

  Operations Managers

Technical Services Managers

  Exploration Geologists

Resource Geologists


Production Geologists

  Mine Surveyors

Geology Modelers                  



  Reservoir Engineers  

Geotechnical Engineers

  Environmental Engineers

Regional Landscape Engineers

  Urban Geologists

City Planners




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