Key Differentiators

Bringing innovation, usability, and performance to the agent experience!

What Makes Us Different - Makes You Stronger

EXALEAD OneCall is uniquely capable of gathering, aligning and enriching all types of data and information to create winning company-to-customer engagements. Whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, simple or complex, our application excels at delivering information in a way that "makes instant sense" to contact center and frontline sales agents and managers in their own context.

EXALEAD OneCall Benefits

  • 360° view of the customer (from inside & outside the enterprise)
  • Actionable intelligence for creating win/win engagements
  • Better prepared and more confident agents
  • Clear and accurate answers to complex customer questions
  • Proactive call center management through real-time analytics
  • Leverage more value from existing CRM and IT investments

EXALEAD’s mission is to transform your hidden information assets, delivering a “360-degree information view of the customer”, adding real-time rich analytics, while sending business affairs to the back office.


Multi-source data transformation:

  • Transform data of any type or size into real-time information intelligence, and in specific context to users
  • Provides a strong and complete 360° customer view from existing CRMs and many other data silos
  • Quickly answer customer questions and engage in more selling opportunities


Natural language & semantic discovery:

  • Ask questions using simple language that describes the information you want
  • Get precise answers to questions
  • Access content from anywhere at any time
  • Useful for rapid, on-the-fly access to highly-relevant information

Semantic discovery provides in-context answers:

  • No waiting time
  • No need to ask customers more questions
  • No need for special technology tools

Semantic discovery facilitates accurate, simple and streamlined customer handling by the agent.

Multi-channel customer look-up:

  • Rapid visualization of customer events, activities & history
  • Get precise answers to questions
  • Build higher trust and credibility with your customers

Real-time analytics:

  • Real-time agent and business performance analytics
    1. No need for data marts
    2. No batch workflows
    3. No night computes
  • Brings real-time analytics from the index to serve the most up-to-date data to users
  • Agents can monitor their objectives and thus elevate their confidence
  • Managers can steer call center activities and follow global business objectives


EXALEAD OneCall offers managers a number of operational tools, including,

  • Single screen viewing of team and agent activities
  • Real-time operational dashboards and analytics
  • Workload balancing and optimization
  • Consolidated KPI and trend reporting


Contextual upsell/cross-sell:

  • Real-time selling alert recommendations linked to your business intelligence system
  • Useful for targeted selling as part of a 360° customer view


Back office talk back:

  • Place new sales or service activities to your back office using an intuitive shopping cart process
  • Send efficient orders to back offices (levels of services)

Our most important system, the user information database, which contains over two million members, took only 15 minutes to index which is remarkable.

Frédéric Louis Chief Information Officer, Eovi Mcd mutuelle