EXALEAD OneCall vs. Existing CRMs

An agile business solution to complement your current CRM system!

Why Upgrading Your Existing CRM System May NOT Be the Best Choice

EXALEAD OneCall Benefits:

  • Built for contact centers & frontline agents
    1. An immediate & 360-degree view of the customer
    2. Provides quick perception of customer needs
    3. Builds agent awareness to act more efficiently
    4. A “zero stress” tool to do the job: “listen, understand, serve”
    5. A flexible approach to deliver the best up-to-date information from other departments (marketing, legal, communication, industrial, websites...)
  • Quickly lowers average hold time and raises first-call resolution rates
  • Rapid time-to-market and ROI
  • Deploys "beside" existing CRM systems
  • Leverages current CRM and IT investments
  • Rapidly transforms staff into service sellers
  • Delivers excellent customer service more consistently

CRM systems are important information assets to most companies today. Huge CRM investments have been made over the years and their process workflows ingrained across the enterprise. Yet these large and complex systems designed around customer management and back office activities don’t meet today’s pressing challenges facing service-oriented customer operations centers. Here's why:

  • Agents find CRM systems cumbersome and difficult to use, especially when trying to quickly answer rapid-fire customer questions.
  • When essential data and information are scattered among various systems and hidden behind too many different screens and tabs, agents are unable to provide a satisfactory level of SERVICE!
  • Customizing your CRM system to handle call center needs is time-consuming and not always effective. More customization often means more complexity--just the opposite of what you want.

With super-high customer expectations now the norm, and competitive alternatives around every corner, a better business approach for accelerating contact center performance is needed NOW.

EXALEAD OneCall is the answer to transform contact center and frontline sales operations by giving customer-facing agents the most relevant data and information to succeed. Whatever the data type or location--internal (CRM/ERP) or external (Web/social networks), structured or unstructured, simple or complex--our application aggregates and delivers rich information in context to agents and managers.

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