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CloudView Semantic Factory

The CloudView Semantic Factory is a Web-scale toolbox to analyze and structure real-world content. It enables you to extract business facts, relationships and opinions from huge stores of unstructured or semi-structured data (e.g., email messages, videos, Web pages, log files, etc.), and to meaningfully integrate that content with structured content from enterprise applications, databases and data warehouses. As a result, you can generate maximum value from your existing assets while creating a single, meaningfully structured data layer to support advanced publishing and decision-support SBAs.

Customer Benefits

  • Enrich your structured data with valuable meaning from unstructured data
  • Provide uniform access and reporting for heterogeneous data
  • Automate the processing of large data volumes
  • Achieve "virtual" data integration with no impact on source systems

The Semantic Factory compromises over 30 advanced processors working in tandem with the nearly 50 standard processors in CloudView’s fully modular, configurable Analysis Pipeline.

CloudView Semantic Factory Highlights

  • Semantic data normalization (fuzzy data consolidation, cleansing, metadata alignment)
  • Analog-to-digital conversion: voice-to-text, OCR, etc.
  • Qualitative analytics (sentiment analysis)
  • Semantic query interpretation
  • Fully modular and configurable pipeline
  • Easy integration of business rules
  • Multi-lingual support (124+ languages out-of-the-box; optional Extended Language pack for additional processors for 38 of these languages)
  • Web-scale efficiency

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