ENOVIA Version 6 Release 2013

Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA is the world’s preferred collaboration application for bringing new products to market. ENOVIA is committed to a great user experience, enjoyed by everyone from the smallest teams to the largest global enterprises.

Release date: June 20, 2012

Accelerate Adoption and Transition to V6

V6R2013 introduces new interoperability capabilities between V6 and other systems. CENIT and CIDEON have made available their new XPDM connectors between CATIA/ENOVIA V6 and SAP, supporting Dassault Systèmes global approach for xPDM integration. Pro/ENGINEER® users will benefit from a new ENOVIA capability to perform “where used” scenario from within their CAD interface. xCAD users will enjoy new file converters (Pro/ENGINEER®, Inventor, Acis 3D modeling kernel) to V6 for optimized design and reuse. Finally, V6 Web Services infrastructure is now compliant with WS-I, WS-Security standard to maximize users data transfer security. These capabilities - along with the existing xPDM framework, ERP integrations and federation capabilities, further the openness of the V6 platform in support of end to end design and collaborative business processes.

V6R2013 introduces a new packaging and pricing model aimed at greatly simplifying how a company licenses ENOVIA products while maximizing value. It includes several product packages, targeting specific user profiles such as CAD designers, systems architects, product, project & program managers, buyers and sourcing professionals, as well as people needing to participate in business processes or/and just needing to consume data with the new ENOVIA Live Connect product. All in all, 15 different packs are released while the full “à la carte” portfolio is still available.

V6R2013 continues to deliver user experience improvements through a simplified and modern user interface for all ENOVIA web-based products. This is a continuous effort started a few releases back, showing significant improvements in terms of click and screen reductions and value for our customers. V6R2013 also expands browser support which now includes Safari and Internet Explorer 9.


Reach New Users, Industries and Extend Scenarios’ Scope

V6R2013 enhances the support of environmental material compliance standards including an updated integration of our solution with the International Material Data System (IMDS) used in automotive, and the support of bi-directional interface with both Japan’s JAMP AIS and JAMA/JAPIA exchange formats, critical for exchanging materials compliance data between companies.

With V6R2013, ENOVIA Collaborative Design for SolidWorks introduces new capabilities and further simplifies designers’ user experience. Designers can effortlessly access, manage, share, and store data directly from Windows Explorer (WE), including setting and getting a reference version from WE version menu, reviewing revision history, and create a new revision of a file without checking it out. Directly from within Windows Explorer, SolidWorks designers can also view, measure, pan, zoom, rotate their CAD models. V6R2013 also embeds powerful search capabilities and allows to check out from search results in one-click. Finally, SolidWorks designer can move files in and out of the database with drag & drop, and are able to create PDF’s automatically on check in.