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V5 DMU for Visualization & 3D Master

The proliferation of 3D CAD systems is making it difficult to share and analyze product information such as tolerances and materials in a single view, preventing consideration of critical factors and interactions needed to solve issues and manage change.

This not only impacts cost and quality goals, it impedes the flow of product information to key functions like manufacturing, planning, marketing and purchasing. To drive functional elements and design intent across the enterprise, it has never been more important to leverage the rich information embedded in 3D models.

V5 DMU lets engineering teams review, manipulate and evaluate digital representations of 3D product information. By making it easy to share a "master" product definition across the product lifecycle, V5 DMU promotes the open, collaborative exchange of ideas to all stakeholders — from designers to suppliers to non-CAD contributors.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Complete and broad access to technical information - such as dimensions, constraints, geometrical and functional tolerances and materials - enables an accurate assessment of products
  • Primary 3D mock-up analysis including sectioning, measure, markups improves common understanding across different disciplines
  • Easy creation of rich 3D content improves downstream processes such as documentation and parts catalog
  • Multi-CAD data support enables an efficient management of heterogeneous environments