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DMU for Express: V5 DMU for Design Review

Being able to review and analyze the 3D product design quickly and often, to incorporate innovations and resolve design issues, is critical to being first to market with the best possible product.

With upgrade cycles measured in months instead of years, manufacturers are struggling to meet the escalating demands of customers, while diversifying product portfolios to stay ahead of the competition. This drive to simultaneously ramp up production and increase innovation requires fundamental changes in the way global development teams share, evaluate, and optimize the evolving product definition.

Seamlessly integrated within Dassault Systemes PLM Express solutions and designed for multi-CAD environment, V5 DMU facilitates digital mockup validation and simulation from detail design to maintenance. It provides extensive support for engineering processes such as interference detection and analysis, hybrid mock-up review, packaging and product synthesis.

V5 DMU optimizes decision-making and facilitates the sharing and the rapid propagation of engineering review changes to users' desktops, speeding implementation. This enables more verification in less time, increasing design quality while reducing time to market.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Seamless integration with CATIA V5 increases upfront detection and resolution of design issues.
  • Extended mockup analysis, including advanced clashes computation and analysis, accelerate design maturity.
  • 3D communication tools facilitate decision making on product changes and alternative design studies.
  • Reusability of analysis and studies boosts validation loops.
  • Seamless integration with Dassault Systemes Product Lifecycle Management solutions such as CATIA PLM Express and ENOVIA SmarTeam Design and Engineering Express enables streamlined management of a comprehensive “concept to manufacturing” business process.