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V5 DMU for Realistic Appearance Simulation

Consumers from every demographic and economic class are becoming more style-conscious, elevating the role of appearance in buying everything from cell phones to cars to clothing.

While functionality and price are still critical factors, when faced with a choice between two similar products, consumers will always purchase the one with the most aesthetic appeal.

V5 DMU provides a comprehensive set of tools to simulate and iterate product appearance, all completely integrated with CATIA V5. This allows design teams to front load more decisions in the virtual stage of development — before investing in expensive prototypes, production resources, and product launch activities. As important, it gives them the ability to quickly modify designs in real time to respond to changes in consumer buying trends.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Seamless integration with CATIA V5 accelerates design – product appearance validation loops
  • Industry proven photorealistic rendering capabilities - realtime and offline - ensures high fidelity results
  • Easy reuse and sharing of results - through 3D XML for instance - reinforces communication and cross-team collaboration.
  • Simple IT management, flexible licensing and short learning curve enable a smooth implementation and rapid user ramp-up
  • Integration with Dassault Systemes Product Lifecycle Management solutions enables to manage product complexity & security