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V5 DMU for Advanded Product Simulation

Eighty-percent of development costs are incurred early in the product lifecycle, making it critical to simulate the behavior of a product in 3D before building a single prototype or beginning production planning. As global demand and breakthrough technologies increase the complexity of product designs, engineers need more advanced desktop tools to quickly validate and release designs into production.

In particular, engineers need to understand how complex product designs and assemblies will perform in the real world, for example, when multiple parts and sub-assemblies are moving, or need to be mounted or replaced during servicing.

V5 DMU allows product development teams to digitally create a product and its environment, then analyze it to understand key factors that determine quality, performance and cost. V5 DMU provides early insight and collaborative review of product performance and serviceability.

Key Business Benefits:

  • In-context simulation of large and complex assembly structures enhances mockup validation.
  • Seamless design, simulation and analysis of product mechanisms boosts complex design productivity.
  • Early assessment of serviceability requirements reduces downstream errors.
  • Integration with Dassault Systemes Product Lifecycle Management solutions enables to manage product complexity & security.