V5 DMU enables digital product simulation, analysis and validation, improving product quality and accelerating decision making by providing real-time insight into real-world product performance.

Validate & optimize the digital product

Today's manufacturers have never been under more pressure. Competition is global, customers are fickle and financial markets unforgiving.

Beating the competition, creating customer loyalty and delivering strong business results are essential to survival. These factors depend on repeatedly delivering the right product at the right time and at the right price.

Within the PLM environment, Digital Mock- up (DMU) is a key enabler of decision-making activities that enable innovation. DMU allows development teams to digitally create a product and its environment in real-time, then analyze it to gain early insight into key factors that determine quality, performance and cost.

Seamlessly integrated within Dassault Systèmes PLM Express solutions, V5 DMU enables real-time visualization and review of the 3D product as it evolves, streamlining collaborative review and decision-making. It allows design teams to digitally build the product mock-up and its environment, and then analyze it to gain early insight into key factors determining design quality, product performance, and ultimate market success.

V5 DMU Key Business Benefits:

  • Integrated design, review and simulation environment accelerates design maturity
  • Real-time product insight improves decision-making and reduces physical prototypes
  • Embedded collaboration capabilities boosts creativity and engineering productivity
  • Upfront validation of product fit and function increases quality and eliminates downstream errors
  • Multiple 2D and 3D format support enables efficient integration into any heterogeneous environment