SmarTeam Design Express for Multi-CAD: SolidWorks

Manage all your SolidWorks design projects, together with all related product data, including other CAD data, in one database, all on one platform.

A Solid Foundation for Collaboration

SmarTeam Design Express (SDE) for Multi-CAD: SolidWorks is an integral part of the ENOVIA SmarTeam solution set for the mid-market, providing a new approach to optimized collaborative multi-CAD design tailored to your needs, featuring:

  • An out-of-the-box collaborative design solution
  • A built-in upgrade path to full PLM functionality
  • A quick-start package for deployment within 10 days

Start Small, Aim High

SmarTeam Design Express (SDE) for Multi-CAD: SolidWorks leverages ENOVIA SmarTeam’s powerful embedded integration with SolidWorks to let your design team continue to work in their routine environment while benefiting from a proven collaborative engineering scenario, incorporating full revision and version management. Once your design and engineering team is familiar with the methodology and benefits of PDM, from the SDE foundation you can easily and smoothly expand and scale the system to integrate with other users, processes and applications across the company.

SmarTeam Design Express for Multi-CAD: SolidWorks is an entry-level PLM package that lets SolidWorks customers take the quick, easy, secure first step on the beneficial road to PLM starting by securing your 2D, 3D and related product data and applying our proven methodology to optimize your collaborative design procedures. 

SolidWorks designers can collaborate efficiently, using the predefined data structure to achieve optimal management of projects and documents, including:

  • SolidWorks Assemblies, Parts, Drawings, eDrawings, detached drawings, as well as
  • MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint files, images in movies in various formats, such as JPG, TIFF, BMP, AVI
  • All other digital documents
  • Seamless integration with SolidWorks Configurations
  • Streamlined 2D drawing management with SolidWorks Drawings and AutoCAD 2D
  • Automated management of Engineering BOM (in MS Excel)

SmarTeam Design Express for Multi-CAD: SolidWorks screenshots

ENOVIA SmarTeam was selected as our PLM to integrate effectively with SolidWorks™. Designers at Sub-Zero access SmarTeam directly from within the CAD System... people throughout the company access the infirmation they need... Ease of use and a quick learning curve are important.

Paul Sikir Director of Design Engineering, Sub-Zero Freezer CO., USA