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Strategic Supplier Relationships

Connect the supply chain

For Collection Planners and Managers in the consumer goods, fashion or retail industry, conducting seasonal line planning, ensuring proper product development, creating product sourcing plans and managing global suppliers are complex tasks.  ENOVIA powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports the creation and implementation of standard processes to enhance collaboration with the supply chain, minimize sourcing risks, manage vendors and improve the planning process. 

ENOVIA provides the planning, visibility and checking needed to manage sourcing in a global and competitive environment.  For Collection Planners, ENOVIA provides a single environment to manage seasonal line planning and product development.  And Collection Vendor Managers benefit with seamless connection between vendors and suppliers to brand and retail headquarters, enabling enhanced collaboration, process control, and risk management within the sourcing and pre-production processes.

Key Benefits

  • Collaborative Sourcing implements a “design for supply” strategy with repeatable and standardized direct material sourcing processes that provide the latest design information to the supply chain and valuable supplier quotation input to engineering
  • Supplier Performance Monitoring enhances the supplier partnership by designing, implementing and tracking part qualification plans, supplier development plans, and scorecards


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  • Collection Planner

    on cloud on premise
    Create a seasonal plan to strategically target product opportunities and minimize wasteful over-development ensuring maximum profit potential
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  • Collection Sourcing Manager

    on premise
    Improve global sourcing performance through enhanced collaboration, process control, and risk management with internal and external partners
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  • Collection Vendor Manager

    on premise
    Enhances collaboration between a brand and their vendors and suppliers
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