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Are you getting the most out of your 2D CAD software?

While many companies are increasing their technology budget to transition to 3D technologies to support and improve design, construction, and manufacturing processes, 2D CAD software remains critically important. So important, in fact, that 2D CAD has become a commodity.  Maintaining 2D legacy data, supporting traditional 2D processes/workflows, developing 2D schematic designs/layouts, and managing and marking up 2D drawings are some of the requirements for which companies rely on 2D CAD software. Like all commodities, 2D CAD has become more affordable and should continually provide better cost/benefit ratios, giving you the capabilities you need while benefiting your bottom line. With 2D CAD software you should have the option to pay less and get more. 

Read on to learn how to evaluate the benefits and return on investment (ROI) of your 2D CAD software and determine if DraftSight’s professional grade 2D design and drafting solution is the best tool for you.

Evaluating the Cost/Benefit Ratio of Your 2D CAD Software

Understanding the benefits of your 2D CAD software versus its cost requires an evaluation of the 2D capabilities that are important to your business, and then determining whether your existing 2D CAD software meets those requirements more affordably than other available options. Using the questions and features chart below, you can assess whether you are paying too much for your current 2D CAD software and if your organization has an opportunity to save money on 2D CAD.

  • How well does your 2D CAD software manage your legacy data?
  • Can you read in and write out DWG and DXF files?
  • Can you create, edit, view, and mark up any type of 2D drawing?
  • Is your 2D CAD software easy to learn and use?
  • Are there different, cost-effective options for single users, small-to-medium-sized companies, large organizations, and universities?
  • Does your 2D CAD software provide access to extensive and valuable online learning resources?
  • Is your 2D CAD software scalable or tailored to your specific needs?
  • Does your 2D CAD software offer a range of options, such as network licensing, support, productivity tools, and software customization via an Application Programming Interface (API)? 
  • Does your 2D CAD software cost the same or less than other 2D CAD software that offers similar capabilities?
  • In addition to the subscription for your 2D CAD software, does your vendor offer you the option to purchase a perpetual license? 

Single, Cost-Effective Solution

Bobst Group Case Study

See how Bobst simplified its installation and management
of 2D within the company by replacing its heterogeneous
2D solutions and eliminating DWG data incompatibility with
DraftSight. Visit the Resource Center to read the case study.

Managing and Facilitating 2D Data Exchange

Bobst Group is the world’s leading supplier of equipment and services to packaging manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board, and flexible material industries. The group comprises of more than 30 companies worldwide, and due to the different versions of 2D CAD systems that its companies had acquired and used over the years, Bobst needed a single, cost-effective solution for simplifying and standardizing different types of 2D data – namely, DWG files – and facilitating 2D data exchange among its many companies.

The group chose the DraftSight Enterprise 2D CAD solution for creating, editing, and viewing DWG files because it is intuitive and cost-effective. “DWG files are the most popular file format for 2D CAD data in the world,” says Thanh Canh Pham, project manager at the Bobst Group VPLM competency center. 

Bobst selected DraftSight Enterprise software to simplify license management, take advantage of telephone/email support, and utilize the software’s API for porting to existing systems and applications. “We are very satisfied with our choice of DraftSight and with the partnership we have with Dassault Systèmes,” says Marcel H. Gerber, manager at the Bobst Group VPLM competency center. “It has enabled us to accomplish what we set out to do – implement a unique and standard solution that responds to our need to create and exchange 2D geometry.”

Maximize Return on Your 2D CAD Investment

Once you’ve established the specific 2D CAD capabilities that your organization really needs and wants, you can use the following chart to see how your existing tools compare with affordable DraftSight software. 

As you can see below, DraftSight Professional and Enterprise provide comparable if not greater capabilities than alternative CAD products at an affordable price. Over one million users worldwide rely on DraftSight to create, edit, view, and markup any kind of 2D drawing. This professional-grade 2D design and drafting solution is available in 14 languages.

Conserving Budget to Support Future Investments

Improving your 2D CAD cost/benefit ratio and maximizing the return on your 2D CAD investment not only saves your organization money, it also frees up budget to support investments in emerging productivity-enhancing technologies – such as 3D design, simulation, product data management (PDM), and product lifecycle management (PLM).

With DraftSight Professional or DraftSight Enterprise, you too can save money and redirect savings towards new technologies that will drive your organization forward, while simultaneously satisfying your day-to-day 2D CAD needs.

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After evaluating your 2D CAD requirements, you may determine that you can improve the cost/benefit ratio of your 2D CAD software, maximize return on your 2D CAD investment, and free up budget committed to 2D CAD to invest in other solutions by using DraftSight Professional or DraftSight Enterprise. With millions of users worldwide, DraftSight is available in 14 different languages, is offered at a very affordable price in comparison to alternative CAD products, and offers robust capabilities, top-notch support, and flexible purchasing options. DraftSight is also backed by Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE company that provides businesses and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations, and developer of CATIA® and SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD software.


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