DraftSight 2020 Mac Beta

Become a Beta tester for the first commercial release of DraftSight® for Mac. DraftSight 2020 delivers powerful automations to save you time, improve detailing quality and reduce tedious tasks. Automatically dimension drawings and arrange dimension spacing to save hours of time per drawing, and much more. Make sure to submit your feedback at DraftSight.Beta2020(at)3ds.com. Thank you for participating and helping us improve DraftSight.

Installation Instructions

Enter the following serial number to activate: 9000 0110 0083 7575 2QYX RH7C
Click here
to download the DraftSight 2020 Mac Beta Installation Instructions.

Submit Your Feedback

Your input is crucial in helping us deliver the best experience. Email us your feedback at DraftSight.Beta2020(at)3ds.com.


Click here to see the System Requirements. 

To learn more about the new features, please refer to the in-product Help documentations.

DraftSight 2020 Beta New Features Include:

New Features

Auto Dimension 

Automatically dimension drawings to save hours of time per drawing. 

Auto Arrange Dimensions 

Arrange dimension spacing automatically by box-selecting target dimensions, saving hours of tedious manual adjustment time. 


After using the Auto Arrange command, easily adjust the spacing of dimensions using the thumbwheel. Adjust specific dimensions to space in and out or in a uniform fashion. 

Dynamic Blocks 

DraftSight now supports imported dynamic blocks to represent movable segments in a block.

New Improvements

Change Arrow Head Styles

Quickly change dimension arrow head styles by clicking on the grip to show a list of options.

Automatically Trim Dimension Extension Lines

When dragging a dimension to the other side of geometry, extension lines gaps are now automatically trimmed.

Export Tab

A new tab available on the ribbon to easily access export functions.

Attach Tab

Attach tools have moved from the Import tab to their own tab.


API Enhancements

  • Toolbar ID
  • Insert and modify curved text
  • Access and modify custom entities
  • Enhanced options for exporting models or sheets to PDF