Technical Support

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When you need technical support, do you often feel like you are bounced from one vendor to another, each placing the blame on someone else? At DELMIAWorks, there is no finger-pointing – all the help you need is just one simple call away. Additionally, the DELMIAWorks support programs provide more than just problem resolution.  DELMIAWorks technical specialists support ongoing knowledge transfer to ensure a thorough and continuous understanding of the product.

"I can't tell you how good it is to pick up the phone, talk to a real person and (almost always) get a resolution while I am on the phone."

DELMIAWorks understands the importance of quick problem resolution, especially when it affects the productivity of your plant. Our technical support staff undergo extensive training to thoroughly understand the product and provide you with the best solution to your issues. DELMIAWorks wants to ensure you have 24/7access to support services; that is why we offer a variety of support options:

  • Live Phone Support - DELMIAWorks support specialists provide personalized phone support to expedite problem resolution.
  • Email Support - Email is the best tool for problem resolution. It eliminates discrepancies and misinterpretations and provides documentation for the future.
  • Chat Support - Real-time "chat" expedites problem resolution with instant access to a DELMIAWorks technical support representative via a chat window on MyIQMS.
  • Knowledge Base - A searchable repository of information in the form of short articles that can be used for troubleshooting, resolving errors, and answering general how-to questions.
  • 24/7 Self-Serve via the Web -- MyIQMS provides an online community forum that elevates customer service to the next level, with direct, real-time access to multiple self-help tools including:
    • Support case creation, tracking, and resolution monitoring
    • Product documentation and manuals
    • Product updates
    • Online discussion forum
    • Product IDEAs submission and tracking
    • Report, KPI, and Alert resource library
  • Internet Diagnostics Support -- No two customers or installations are the same. With desktop connectivity capabilities via the Internet, support specialists connect to customer computers to see issues in the customer's environment. This helps to ensure the most effective resolution specific to that unique installation.