PLM Software

Combine ERP, Manufacturing and Product Lifecycle Management Software to Streamline Product Development

The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software module in the DELMIAworks Manufacturing ERP Software Solution provides a complete audit trail of a product's lifecycle from the design and quoting process through manufacture and maintenance, to the end of the life of the product.

Benefits of DELMIAworks PLM Software

The introduction of a product is not confined to internal procedures and processes. To stay competitive, companies must utilize their global supply chain to bring products to market quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively, with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Using email and web-based workflow tools, the DELMIAworks PLM system promotes open communication with suppliers and customers through all stages of the lifecycle helping companies:

  •     Go lean by reducing development time and costs while ensuring customer satisfaction.
  •     Reduce cycle time from concept to delivery.
  •     Streamline process tracking and approvals with automated workflow.
  •     Save costs and eliminate redundant activity by referring to historical product lifecycles of similar products
  •     Provide the link between design activities, manufacturing and ERP

PLM Software Features

The PLM software module helps companies tightly control processes with advanced features that allow you to:

  •     Link directly from the PLM/DHR module directly to all ERP and manufacturing related information including quotes, inventory, project manager, preventative maintenance, APQP, FMEA, PPAP, SPC, and CRM.
  •     Link directly to design drawing and documents including CAD drawings and 3D product prints.
  •     Access all information associated with the manufacturing of the product such as number of rejects, engineering change information, process cost information, deviations and order releases.
  •     Create PLM/DHR items and sub-items that do not affect the master inventory until a quote is converted to a Bill of Material.
  •     Monitor corrective actions for each item in the PLM/DHR.
  •     Maintain history of customer calls, RMAs, profit/loss reports and much more