Corrective Action Request Software (CAR/CAPA)

The Corrective Action (CAR) module in DELMIAworks ERP and Manufacturing Software Solution enables manufacturers to document, manage, schedule, assign, and track their corrective action activities and provide instant communication to dependent departments such as customer service.

  •     Supports integrated collection of all ERP and Manufacturing information on non-conformance issues to help ensure compliance to the most stringent quality assurance requirements.
  •     Customizable templates to help jump start your implementation.
  •     Includes templates for 7D and 8D corrective actions, as well as the ability to input user-defined corrective action steps.
  •     Corrective Actions can be associated with RMAs to improve customer service responsiveness, product quality, and customer satisfaction.
  •     Links directly to FMEAs or Control Plans.
  •     Complete historical record of activity linked to the Corrective Action.
  •     Web-based provides easy access to information by suppliers, customers, and employees.
  •     View open CAR from other ERP and Manufacturing modules such as Sales Order or Purchase Order modules.