APQP Software

Advanced Product Quality Planning System to ensure product quality and compliance to automotive standards

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a structured method of defining and establishing the steps necessary to ensure that a product satisfies the customer.

The APQP module in DELMIAworks facilitates compliance to QS-9000 and TS 16949 requirements, and includes templates for Ford and GM. In addition, the module supports user-defined elements, allowing companies to customize the program based on their individual needs and requirements.

DELMIAworks APQP Sotfware

APQP in DELMIAworks provides complete tracking of all the information required for process documentation and definition, and features direct links to FMEAs, Control Plans, inventory items, customer information, and more. It is a centralized, integrated location to perform the all the phases of APQP including:

  •     Planning & defining the program
  •     Product Design and Development
  •     Process Design and Development
  •     Product & Process Validation
  •     Feedback, Assessment & Corrective Action
  •     Control Plan

In addition, the DELMIAworks APQP system supports timely completion of required tasks, as well as effective communication with employees, customers and vendors.

Electronic Submission of APQP (eAPQP)

Send APQP and PPAP forms such as FMEAs and Part Submission Warrants (PSW) electronically. This technology uses interoperable standard XML format to submit information to OEMs and suppliers using the Internet.

  •     Reduced hard copies of forms
  •     Based on AIAG format, but allows for customization to specific customer requirements
  •     Transmits documents such as FMEA and Control Plans for use in industries other than automotive
  •     Leverages DELMIAworks eServer to automatically import and export files and save time