Work Orders

Manufacturing Work Orders

The difference between what is on-order and what is in inventory forms the work order. Scheduled work orders create the timely demand for the procurement of required materials. The DELMIAworks IQMS software makes managing manufacturing Work Orders effortless.

  • Save hundreds of man-hours weekly by having Work Orders automatically generated from the quote.
  • Handle multiple parts (family tools), with multiple, individual release dates per part!
  • Evaluates entire operation, comparing sales order demand against current and projected inventory availability.
  • Works in both Traditional and Repetitive environments where change happens quickly and must accounted for.
  • Supports multiple manufacturing types.
  • Generate multiple work orders for a single part(s).
  • Material requirements and machine capacity requirements automatically adjusted based on work orders.
  • Time phased release schedule based on sales order delivery dates and optimal inventory storage levels.
  • A single work order can produce enough parts to fill many orders and releases.