Production Reporting

Empower your shop floor with real time Production Reporting that has never been more accurate or convenient

Accurate and timely production reports are key to the management decision making process. With DELMIAworks Manufacturing Production Reporting tool you receive information directly from the shop floor as you need it, and more importantly, when you need it. Real time reporting keeps you informed of what's been produced, what has not been produced (and why) and the overall efficiency of your machines. You can now make business decisions based on actual facts as problems need attention, and in some cases catch potential problems before they impact customer deliveries.

As a comprehensive ERP and Manufacturing software solution, DELMIAworks© Production Reporting extends beyond manufacturing and production monitoring to include sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities for:

  • Inventory Control
  • Scheduling and Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Quality Management and Control
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Preventative Maintenance


EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing Production Reporting includes:

  • A configurable Production Reporting Assistant that makes labor, material and overhead reporting and analysis quick and easy.
  • Automatic real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculations to identify cost reduction opportunities.
  • Easy readability with a spreadsheet-like view of shift production activity.
  • Complete production history reports—by date, shift, cell, work center or global—are always available.
  • Variance reporting.
  • Automatic bar code printing and reporting for job pick lists, inventory/log tracking, shipping, inspection and compliance, asset tracking and more.
  • Automatic label generation including AIAG compliant, customer-specific and serialized labels.
  • Data management with editing capabilities of rejects, up time and downtime, complete with codes.
  • Flexible consumption of material. Choose locations, manage lot numbers and override default material consumption values.
  • Material usage back-flush options when production data is posted, with comprehensive editing capabilities.
  • Automatically calculated material usage, based on the BOM.