Preventative Maintenance

A Complete Solution for Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Looking for a manufacturing maintenance solution that will help reduce the chances for failures, ensure quality performance and extend the "productive" life from your valuable equipment? The DELMIAworks Preventative Maintenance and MRO Software modules provide the tools necessary to plan, schedule and track a complete maintenance, repair and overhaul program for machines, tools, dies, auxiliary equipment, gages, buildings and more. Extensive functionality allows you to:

  • Eliminate scheduling problems associated with "out for repair" equipment
  • Avoid costly repairs resulting from over-used or misused equipment
  • Eliminate disruptions to the production schedule due to last minute and emergency repairs
  • Improve equipment reliability and longevity
  • Improve visibility of all costs associated with work center MRO downtime
  • Improve accuracy of maintenance cost tracking and reporting

Manufacturing Preventative Maintenance and MRO Software Functions

The maintenance module works in tandem with the DELMIAworks ERP and manufacturing software to provide a completely integrated maintenance solution that allows you to take a proactive approach to maintaining and servicing your manufacturing equipment as well as identify and track the financial impact of your maintenance program.

  • Electronic Alerts - Email, text or voice alerts for both planned maintenance and unplanned repairs based on actual usage
  • Automatic Labor & Work Order Scheduling - Automatically generate work orders and schedule material inventory and required labor (with associated skill level) for planned maintenance
  • Maintenance Documentation - Link directly to email correspondence as well as other internal external documents such as MSDS, drawings, charts, and manuals
  • Maintenance Costs Tracking and Visibility - Maintain an accurate picture of all cost activity against equipment maintenance as hours and MRO inventory are consumed
  • Quality Tracking - Single click access and automatic updates to PLM, CARs, ECOs and MRBs
  • Maintenance Audit Trail and Compliance Reporting - Complete maintenance history and audit trail is automatically maintained for OSHA, FDA, ISO and QS  compliance
  • Mobile Accessibility - Access existing or create new maintenance work orders from mobile devices to enhance communication and shop floor reporting
  • MRO Inventory Tracking - Ensure all materials, supplies and parts are available and accessible to maintain and service equipment
  • Where Used Capability - Instantly identify and link to Work Orders, Work Centers, BOMs, Projects, and SPC Gages and Devices
  • Predefined Tasks - Planned/preventive, repair, emergency and other user-defined maintenance tasks are already pre-configured
  • Dynamic ERP & MES Integration with DELMIAworks Software Modules - Real-time integration with Production Monitoring and Reporting, OEE, Purchasing, Accounting, CRM, Labor Reporting and Inventory allows accurate monitoring of all activity against the equipment
  • Automatically Gather Usage Data – Actual work center and tool/die usage can be gathered automatically when used in conjunction with the RealTime™ Production Monitoring modules