Multiple Plant / Multiple Company / Multiple Facility Manufacturing Solutions

Complete Visibility Across All Your Locations

Multiple facility planning, manufacturing and accountability just got easier and more efficient. DELMIAworks' Manufacturing ERP "EPlant" solution provides a single point of data storage to manage multiple manufacturing companies or multiple sites across geographic boundaries, thus enabling increased visibility across the entire enterprise.

Using centralized data storage for managing multiple sites, an organization can unify data management, reduce the number of servers and lower IT maintenance and administration costs. As a result, companies can achieve a tighter consolidation of data and reduce redundant activity across multiple locations. Information is accessed immediately without cumbersome batch downloads.

DELMIAworks supports entity specific functions such as general ledgers, locations, inventories, production planning, currencies, languages and financial reporting, while permitting centralization of major corporate functions such as purchasing, order entry and invoicing. Through security-controlled access, each entity can manage its information without affecting data at other locations. Other key features include:

  • True, distributed manufacturing capability. For example, a single BOM structure may contain parts made in another facility. With a single order, demand for all levels of associated product is automatically generated across locations.
  • Multi-language allows for varied languages at each facility or even within one facility.
  • Multi-currency enabled to support native and unlimited foreign currency conversions
  • View all or Individual entities. Via security options, users can be assigned access to local and/or corporate views of the data.
  • View production information across locations. With appropriate security, users can access or view scheduling and production information across multiple sites in true real-time.
  • InterCompany Transaction functionality allows multi-plant companies to achieve unified scheduling and distribution across all facilities, quickly and easily.
  • Maintain separate BOMs, tool/dies, inventory, schedules, and production planning by entity.
  • Complete location-by-location financial analysis. With a central database storing activity across the enterprise, pulling financial data is easy and fast. EPlants may have separate chart of accounts, tax IDs, fiscal years, and operate using different currencies to provide for maximum flexibility.
  • Simplify data roll-up at daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting periods.
  • Simplify and streamline inter-company/inter-plant transfers with GL roll-up