Process Planning

Visualize and Validate Process Plans

Is your organization wanting  to avoid re-work and increase quality to achieve first time right for all global production sites?

DELMIA’s Process Planning solution for the Transportation and Mobility Industry allows your organization to plan faster by defining a global manufacturing plan re-usable by every site worldwide. This allows for Implementation of late engineering changes without compromising manufacturability and schedule.

Visualize and Validate Process Plans

DELMIA’s Process Planning for the Transportation & Mobility industry provides a 3D process and layout planning environment for suppliers.

DELMIA’s Transportation & Mobility Process Planning solution enables process planners working in the 3DEXPERIENCE® environment to review processes in the context of the assembly line – even if the line or factory does not yet exist. Process plans can be modified at any time while lines for multiple product variants can be easily optimized. Worldwide access from any engineering or production site provides planners with a clear understanding of the time and effort involved with each operation and the impact of planning changes.

DELMIA’s Process Planning solution supports the Bid to Win Industry Solution Experience, by allowing global automotive suppliers to design, engineer, validate, manufacture, and deliver on target to their customers’ satisfaction.

DELMIA’s Process Planning Users:

  • Project Manager
  • Process Planner
  • Time Specialist

Process Planning User Experiences

DELMIA Process Planning solution brings the following benefits:

  • Increase manufacturing flexibility for order fulfillment
  • Capture, standardize and re-use proven manufacturing practices and business know-how
  • End-to-end process traceability to manage engineering change impacts, cost and delays
  • Efficient planning through integration of manufacturing domains and data in one single repository and environment
  • Global manufacturing plan with local variations